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Research Paper On Leukemia Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

I chose to make my examination paper on Leukemia on the grounds that my uncle who lived in Bend, OR discovered that he had Leukemia. This kn...

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Research Paper On Leukemia Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

I chose to make my examination paper on Leukemia on the grounds that my uncle who lived in Bend, OR discovered that he had Leukemia. This knowledge was ruin toing for our family unit including my uncle. His wellbeing began dropping and he began droping tired all the clasp. We will compose a custom paper test on Research Paper On Leukemia Health And Social Care Essay or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now My uncle ‘s this status drove him to lose his occupation since he could non keep up with his work. In our human progress selective provider of the family is grown-up male. In this situation financial status of the family unit was terrible on the grounds that neither my uncle nor his wedded lady were working. Their childs school classs were dropping and they were dishearten by their male parent ‘s disease. His kid had enthusiastic separation, and needed to pass all his clasp with his male parent. This aggravation of the family unit even overflowed to my side of the family unit. My mama was really associated to her sibling ; occurring out that her sibling has dangerous neoplastic ailment. It was extremely hard on my mama. My mama ‘s health was at its more regrettable when she got insight of my uncle ‘s ailment. My uncle ‘s guardians lived in India. Discovering their one and only kid has a dreadful ailment ; it was truly upseting for his folks. They applied for visas to go to the United States to see their kid. Despite the fact that, the family in the United States made a request to in-relocation administrations to let my uncles guardians to go to the United States to see their kid. Supporting paperss were submitted including an intricate message from my uncle ‘s doctor delineating his clinical status. In any case, their petitions for getting U.S. visas were denied. My uncle ‘s clinical status did non let him to go to India to see his folks for the last clasp in his life. Moreover, my uncle did non hold clinical protection. The ground for non holding a clinical protection was its significant expense. Other enormous factor of non holding protection was that my uncle did non hold an occupation for a long clasp. In any event, when he had an occupation it did non accompany health advantages. In any case, scarcely any months after my uncle discovered that he had a dangerous neoplastic malady, and was hospitalized a doctor starting from the infirmary in Bend, Oregon helped him to procure a clinical protection through Oregon Health Plan. This helped my uncle and his family unit a group. My uncle had the option to obtain decision mediation from the clinic through that health program. The doctors did chemotherapy for a half year and still it did n’t bring around him, and right away doctors surrendered, and said sorry he wo n’t populate for long. Only hebdomad after that my uncle went off. This is the means by which my family unit is affected by L eukemia. Leukemia is threatening neoplastic illness that begins in the tissue that structures blood. To cognize how threatening neoplastic illness begins it is useful to cognize how typical platelets structure. Most platelets are shaped in the bone marrow called root cells. Bone marrow is the delicate stuff in the focal point of most castanetss. At the point when full grown it forms into various sorts of platelets, each sort does a specific occupation. Significant sorts incorporate the bronzed platelets and the white platelets. White platelets are useful to fight diseases. There are numerous sorts of white platelets. Red platelets convey O to the tissues all through the natural structure. The thrombocytes help arrange blood coagulums to thwart drain. White platelets, reddish platelets, and thrombocytes are made from root cells when natural structure needs them. At the point when these cells develop old or harmed, they kick the bucket, thus new cells take their topographic point. In a patient who has leukemia, the bone marrow makes unnatural white platelets. Those unnatural platelets are called leukemia cells. Ordinary platelets kick the bucket when they arrive at a particular age or when they get harmed, though leukemia cells do non perish subsequent to maturing or procuring harmed. They begin to group out typical white platelets, rosy platelets, and thrombocytes. This situation makes it extremely hard for ordinary platelets to make their occupation. There are two kinds of leukemia ; the sorts of leukemia can be assembled on the bases of how rapid the illness creates and deteriorates. Leukemia is either incessant which typically deteriorates simple, or theirs intense which regularly deteriorates quickly. Ceaseless Leukemia: First and foremost periods of the infection, the leukemia cells can in any case make the occupation for ordinary white platelets. Patient may non hold any imprint from the outset ; doctors oftentimes locate the interminable leukemia during a regular clinical assessment before there are any manifestations. Bit by bit, incessant leukemia deteriorates. As the figure of leukemia cells in the blood increases, patients begins to get indications, for example, arrogant lymph hubs, febrilities, dim exercise suits, feeble inclination, drain, weight reduction, growing, harming or diseases. At the point when those side effects do look, they are ordinarily gentle from the start and procure more regrettable simple. Intense Leukemia: The leukemia cells ca n’t make any of crafted by typical white platelets. The figure of leukemia cells increments quickly. Patients ordinarily go to their doctor since they feel sick. In the event that the encephalon is influenced, they may migraines, cleansing, disarray, loss of musculus control, or ictuss. Patients begin to gain indications, for example, prideful lymph hubs, febrilities, dull exercise suits, feeble inclination, discharge, weight reduction, growing, harming or diseases. Intense leukemia typically declines rapidly. Determination: Have at least one of the undermentioned preliminaries done: physical test, blood preliminaries, biopsy completed two different ways bone marrow goal and bone marrow biopsy. Counteraction: As long bar goes, there is no way to hinder leukemia at this clasp. In any case, maintaining a strategic distance from danger factors, for example, smoke, introduction to poisonous synthetic substances, analytic X raies, and presentation to radiation may help prevent a few occurrences of leukemia. Being solid and staying sound dramatizations an enormous capacity in hindering leukemia. What we put into our natural structures has a clump to make with our general wellbeing. Malignant growth Contending Foods: I have other than done some examination on supplements that are known to thwart various sorts of threatening neoplastic sickness. Eating a group of veggies and organic products help to prevent leukemia, rundown of veggies and natural products are: Avocados †rich in glutathione, a ground-breaking cancer prevention agent that assaults free gatherings in natural structure. Dark Raspberries A ; Blueberries †contain a cancer prevention agent that slaughters leukemia cells without hurting solid cells. Carrots †contain beta provitamin A, which may help chop down dangerous neoplastic infection. Broccoli, Brassica oleracea botrytis, Brussels sprouts, and chou †contains two cancer prevention agents, xanthophyll and zeaxanthin that may help chop down dangerous neoplastic infection. Garlic †expands the action of resistant cells and assists hinder with bringing down substances that cause dangerous neoplastic ailment. Grapefruits, oranges, papaia, pomegranate †help forestall dangerous neoplastic malady Treatment: Leukemia mediation falls into two kinds of intercession to fight the harmful neoplastic illness and mediation to mitigate the indications of the malady and the symptoms of the intercession. Chemotherapy is the broadly utilized intercession for leukemia ; it is the ground-breaking medication to execute leukemia cells. Treatment can be directed by oral pit or vena relying upon the sort of medication. Now and then relying upon the occurrence chemotherapy can be given at place. In different occurrences persistent needs to hospitalize to have the treatment. By this it murders cells or end them from duplicating. It other than slaughters rapidly turning sound cells, representing huge numbers of the symptoms of treatment. The disagreeableness of the symptoms relies upon the portions given and the patient ‘s resistance. Chemotherapy is regularly given in rhythms. Every cadence comprises of horrible mediation more than a few yearss followed by a couple of hebdomads without intercession for leftover portion and recuperation from symptoms brought about by the treatment, generally sickliness and low white platelets. The grouping is so rehashed. It might be regulated for two to six rhythms, contingent upon subtype leukemia and risk factors included. Bone marrow test might be done preceding every mood of treatment. After finishing of mediation the patient is assessed again to see the outcome of the chemotherapy for leukemia. Choice: In terminal it is about how we take consideration of our natural structures, our eating regimen plays a huge capacity in our prosperity and staying sound. As expressed above leukemia harmful neoplastic malady is an extremely dangerous illness. We should take legitimate defend to thwart this malady. Specialists are finding a way to prevent this dangerous neoplastic ailment from disseminating in human natural structure. In the event that leukemia threatening neoplastic malady is non taken consideration in its initial eliminates it might go deadly to human natural structure. References: hypertext move convention:/www.leukemia-cure.com/leukemia-symptoms.html hypertext move convention:/www.lls.org/#/diseaseinformation/leukemia/ www.leukemia-lymphoma.org hypertext move convention:/www.emedicinehealth.com/leukemia/article_em.htm hypertext move convention:/www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/types/leukemia Instructions to refer to Research Paper On Leukemia Health And Social Care Essay, Essay models

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The Effects of Pollution in Prenatal Intelligience free essay sample

Ryan Cross PSYC 101-02C Paper # 1 June 23rd, 2010 Which look into strategy was obviously utilized in the first investigation: contextual analysis, observational examination, study, relationship, or trial? I accept that this examination is making a relationship to pre-birth contamination and the IQ of its members so in this way it is utilizing the connection inquire about strategy. Disclose your response to the main inquiry with at any rate three reasons. Connection Research is characterized as a logical report wherein the analyst watches or measures (without straightforwardly controlling) at least two factors to discover connections between them. The primary explanation this examination utilizes the connection technique for inquire about is that it matches straightforwardly with the course book meaning of relationship look into. The specialists were contemplating the impact that contamination during the pregnancy months had on IQ scores of the kids being watched. The specialists estimated this by utilizing rucksack air screens on 249 anticipating moms for 48 hours during the most recent couple of month of pregnancy. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Effects of Pollution in Prenatal Intelligience or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page This assisted with deciding the real degree of contaminations that the ladies were being presented to. They at that point gave the offspring of these moms and IQ test at age 5 preceding they entered school. The examination demonstrated that kids with higher presentation to pre-birth poisons scored 4 to 5 focuses lower than kids with lower levels of introduction to pre-birth toxins. This makes a negative connection between's the measure of pre-birth contamination and IQ scores of expecting mothers’ youngsters. Another explanation it isn't the test inquire about strategy is the trial look into technique utilizes a more straightforward methodology. It would have been led such that controlled the factors all the more intently. Contextual investigations are done on a much smaller range of individuals mostly on one individual. Overviews include simply posing inquiries and contrasting the appropriate responses as opposed to utilizing such things as the rucksack air screens and IQ tests. Portray how well the writer of this report recorded as a hard copy the report contemplated the reason, preferences, and impediments (confinements) of the exploration strategy utilized in the first investigation? I accept the creator worked superbly of clarifying the reason, focal points, and hindrances of this exploration strategy. He didn’t really talk about much about the examination technique itself while he was composing this article, rather he just clarified the strategies that were utilized to accumulate the data utilized in this investigation. The entire article, generally, grasps the examination that was done also considered and genuinely exact. It talks about different variables that could have influenced the investigation, for example, used smoke, the home learning condition, and introduction to contamination after birth as having the option to adjust the aftereffects of the examination, yet demands that a solid relationship is there between pre-birth contamination and IQ scores. This is one of the constraints of the examination. Another impediment that the author makes reference to is the way that a considerable lot of the moms in the examination have never gotten a secondary school recognition. That could impact children’s IQ’s however the story says there is still a great deal of convincing proof that pre-birth contamination influences the unborn. Portray two different ways the overall population is probably going to misjudge this report? The overall population tends to peruse the feature or skim through article rather rapidly without truly adding something extra to it. The article says how pre-birth contamination is the central point that is causing these lower IQ scores. People in general could confound that just like the fundamental explanation despite the fact that there could be numerous different components that add to this. Indeed, even a portion of these reasons are referenced in the article. Another error the overall population might make is that pre-birth contamination is a risky thing that is extremely adverse to the unborn. Despite the fact that this investigation shows a connection between lower IQ scores and pre-birth contamination, it doesn't demonstrate an immediate connect to other medical problems. Utilizing the data in parts 1-7 in your course book, clarify how at any rate five variables not recorded in the report could all the more likely record for the lower IQ scores than air contamination could. At the end of the day, what five components might be related with living in high contamination regions that preferable clarify lower IQ scores over the contamination itself? The insight of a gathering of 5 yr olds estimated in an IQ test is a troublesome method to decide whether the variables that are being considers are genuinely the real reason. One factor to consider is the way that the moms just wore the knapsack screens for 48 hours during the most recent couple of long stretches of pregnancy. My experience has demonstrated that most moms during the most recent couple of long periods of pregnancy are truly awkward moving around the house, not to mention going out. On the off chance that specific moms had the option to remain in their lofts for the two days they were wearing the rucksack they would have impressively lower measures of toxins that would enlist to the knapsacks than moms who had to go out to get things, for example, food supplies or whatever tasks they may have needed to run. Having just checked the mother’s level of poisons for these two days could imply that they could have bogus data fair and square of toxins the mother was really presented to during the full term of her pregnancy, subsequently changing the result of the examination. Another factor not recorded in the article is the natural factor. Exceptionally contaminated regions as a rule are significantly less costly to live in. The moms in all likelihood don't have the knowledge that it would take to better their day to day environment and would thus pass these qualities on their youngsters. This could be a reason for the lower test scores. Another factor that accompanies that is the way that the mother’s knowledge was never recorded. Heredity is such a key piece of insight that it is hard to accept that this wasn’t noted, particularly when there are just averaging 4 to 5 focuses contrast between the gathering with high contamination and the gathering with low contamination. Testing the moms IQ’s would have been an approach to take out this fluctuation or possibly have a superior comprehension of it. Another factor not referenced in the examination is that the air of the house isn't genuinely broke down. In the event that moms can't show their youngsters the same number of things in view of different duties, for example, an occupation, at that point their kid could have lower scores do to truth that their mom essentially doesn't have the opportunity to place in to sitting with their kid, conversing with their kid, perusing to their kid, or some other number of things that could upgrade the child’s capacity to learn. I accept things like this to have a substantially more significant impact on learning. Another factor that isn't talked about in the article is whether the youngsters have some other kin in the home. A more established kin would extraordinarily build the odds of observational discovering that the youngster would be presented to, as this is a key piece of learning in kids.

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Analysing and Studying knowledge management to help the organization - Free Essay Example

Abstract: Knowledge is the most valuable gift that a person can receive, said Indra Nooyi, the chairman of PepsiCo, one of the most successful corporation in the world. This is so true that knowledge is very important not only for individual but also for organizations. It is the invisible tool to change the human community. Thats why most of the organizations have been trying to manage their knowledge asset in order to maximize their profitability. In this report, readers will be presented a clear understanding about what knowledge is, types of knowledge, how it benefits to organizations plus their employees, leadership style and managerial skills required for Chief Knowledge Officers. In order to describe more about Knowledge Management Cycle in the real life practices, the last part of this report will be a case study took from my internship project, which is about BrandBox Company and how it applied the Wiig Knowledge Cycle to manage its own knowledge. Table of contents: Introduction Analysis Type of knowledge Tacit knowledge Explicit knowledge Knowledge Management benefits for organizations Leadership and managerial skills required for knowledge manager Case study Conclusion References Introduction: Knowledge is a very important property that everyone has, in general; and especially for organizations to manage it in order to develop themselves. Knowledge management is the key factor to be developed, productive, and to be successful in the business market. Every organization has its own knowledge assets to be managed and mastered. In the rapid changing environment and competitive market nowadays, organizations need to understand clearly the importance of knowledge management so that they can survive and succeed. This report will show the readers the clear understanding about what knowledge is and how important knowledge management affects companies. Analysis: First of all, lets discus about knowledge. In this booming information technology world these days, there are many definition about what knowledge is. According to Nonaka and Takeuchi, knowledge is justified true belief, and it is different from data and information. There are many more definitions from many others, but they still have the same basic concept which is the experiences, awareness that people had received from their past experiences. Knowledge is conducted by data, which is raw material such as numbers, words, unprocessed materialÃÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¦ etc. and information, which is created by filtered data. For examples, students enrollment to Raffles International College: when the students fill the form of enrollment, they have to put their names, phone numbers, address, email addressÃÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¦ all of these are data. And after that, Raffles gets the number of enrolling students for the new term; these are information that conducted fr om the previous data. Thus, we can come to the figure  [1]  of transferring from data to knowledge like following: Meaning to say, knowledge can be created by combining all these processes, or it can also be conceived through real experiences, communication, practices. Type of knowledge: Although knowledge is a huge resource, but there are still existing two types of knowledge: tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge: Tacit knowledge is intangible. In the field of knowledge management, the concept of tacit knowledge is referred to a knowledge that is known by an individual and it is difficult to communicate to others  [2]  . For examples, to ride a motorbike or to drive a car, a person needs to practice with a motorbike or a car in order to be able to drive it; this cannot be learned from a book or from another person without practicing. If an individual only reads a book, he/she just knows how to drive in theory, and this knowledge is considered tacit knowledge. This is true when an individuals thought is difficult to be explained to other people or to be drawn, written down into documents. Tacit knowledge can be conceived through an individuals practices, learning, or working experiences  [3]  . We can have a simple example as you read a document or a book, are you even aware of the character? The answer is not, you probably skimmed over the words without any notice how they grouped ; because you already know what that meant. That is tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge In contrast with tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge is tangible; normally it is contented in documents, files, books, images, movies, magazinesÃÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¦ etc. it is easy to share and communicate with the others. In an organization, explicit knowledge exists in the forms of documents such as contracts, customers information, policies of the companyÃÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¦ etc. and it can be built, used, and shared by the employees in the whole organization. In an organization, in the same case with the same tacit knowledge, each employee will have different way to solve the problem; as everyone has their own knowledge, experiences and different perspective so that they can have their own advantage and also for the whole organization. Thus, it is very important for them to manage the knowledge in order to maximize productivity and profitability. Knowledge management benefits for organizations: There are many questions pop up in the managers, CEO, CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer) when their company does not working properly, underperforming or the role of Knowledge Management is not considered as important such as Why do many corporations fail when they face continuous changes? How to improve the performance of the company? Or even How to motivate the employees? The important factor here is how to manage the different knowledge of the whole organization from both tacit and explicit knowledge, and then they can take full advantage of the knowledge in order to maximize the organizations productivity. That is why managing knowledge plays a very important role in the company. There are many definition of knowledge management, according to Debowski  [4]  , knowledge management is the process of identifying, capturing, organizing and disseming the intellectual assets that are critical to the organizations long-term performance. When Knowledge is well managed in an organi zation, the result will have much positive effect to the organizations profitability, improving productivity, decreasing the unexpected problems and also the employees. It will create more chances for the employees to improve and also motivate them to have more effort into work. In addition of the COP (community of practice) for the organization, employees can share their knowledge, working experience, skills about the jobs and also to create a better working environment. Leadership and managerial skills required for knowledge manager (CKO): As knowledge plays a very important role in the organizations, and managing knowledge is also an important job for the managers. To convert the employees tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge or into the organizations knowledge so that everyone can share it that requires the deliberate of the whole organizations system. However, to operate that system is not easy; thus, we can see the role of the Knowledge Manager (chief knowledge officer) is extremely important. A Chief Knowledge Officer is an organizational leader, he responsible for ensuring that the organization maximizes the value it achieves through knowledge. A CKO is also responsible for managing intellectual capital and the custodian of knowledge management practices in an organization  [5]  . His/her role is much broader than Chief Information Officer, besides creating, sharing, and developing knowledge in the organization; the CKO must use their knowledge first, then motivate the employees to contribute their kn owledge for the benefit of the whole organization. Moreover, in order to take that big responsibility, knowledge managers must have their skills through a wide variety of areas. They definitely have to be good at understanding the whole picture of the organizational situation, and also personal skills such as communication, interpersonal, negotiation skills, and listen to others to understand more about the employees then keep them motivated. Knowledge managers who can successfully combine these skills will help a lot in saving the time and cost for the organization and they will be excellent agents for the organization that they work for  [6]  . Case study: BrandBox is a small company located in Binh Thanh District, HCMC. BrandBox (used to be known as dLuxy) was found in 2008 and currently a member of worldwide partners Inc. (WPI), a worlds largest owner-operated agency network. Working and developing ideas with international standards, plus deep knowledge and understanding of the Vietnamese culture, BrandBoxs core business is to create and develop brand identity, advertising and graphics design. Services that the Company is delivering to customers are: Brand identity system, brainstorming advertising idea, and creative graphics design. Through 3 months of internship at the Company, I found that the structure of BrandBox is very simple: Due to its small size, therere only 3 departments are: Marketing, Design, and Human Resource that will report directly to the CEO. Marketing department is divided into many smaller groups. As many small size companies, BrandBox has their own knowledge to be managed. The CEO recruited mainly inter nship students; they are good students, young, smart, and creative from national or international universities. They were grouped together to work on the projects under Marketing department. There, the intern students will be responsible and take care of all the processes of the projects. Once a project received with the deadline given, all the groups have to brainstorm, looking for information, planning for the processes and then present to the CEO and other departments their ideas to get the project done with the most effective and efficient way. By doing this, BrandBox has saved a lot for the cost of hiring employees as most of internship students will be working without any payment. Furthermore, the results and information they received from the students are really good quality and relevant. For the students, although they wont receive any payment for all the work they have done, but they have learned a lot of things that they could never receive in school. As I mentioned above, the most effective way to share the knowledge is the Community Of Practice, by working together in groups, student can share the information, experiences, and knowledge with each other, also improve themselves in the same time. In my own opinion, as my assigned project worked out really well, I have learned a lot from the internship period and this is a great idea for the companies to recruit internship students, it not only benefits the companies but also the students as well. Experience, training, education. KM system, team brainstorming. In people, tangible forms. Use Pool Hold BuildIn the field of knowledge management, BrandBox can apply the Wiig Knowledge Cycle  [7]  as following: Work context, work process. fsfdsdffsfs In my opinion, the first step of the Wiig knowledge Cycle, Build Knowledge was applied successfully as the Company has some training courses for the new intern students to get used to the company policies, and to be familiar wi th the jobs. The companys size is small, then the employees can get to know others easier, then they can share their knowledge together. The other steps of the model was also well implemented, knowledge of the students and the employees is used properly, and in an effective way. Plus the teams and groups working environment is really an advantage for all the employees to brainstorm, share their knowledge, ideas, and experience with each other. Conclusion: In conclusion, throughout this report, Knowledge Management takes a really important place in an organization. If knowledge is well managed, it will bring benefit to both organizations and their employees, saving time, reduce cost, improve productivity, profitability and the human relationship as well. In addition, Knowledge Management is the key factor that affect directly to the organizations; any company that has good knowledge management system, it will survive and develop in this global competitive business world.

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Essay about Falls Among Older Persons with Dementia

â€Å"Fall may be defined as an unexpected event in which the person comes to rest on the ground, floor, or lower level† (Struksness, Lindstrà ¶m, Lord, Slaasletten, Johansson, et al., 2011). In older populations, falls are quite common, but with a mental illness such as dementia, the problem is worsened. This cross-sectional study showed that the most common causes of falls reported by nursing staff were individual factors like physical impairment and mental impairment. Background: Falls are a common cause of death for people over the age of 65. Following accidents, fall related mortality rate has relatively stayed constant over the last four decades. The dementia disorder continues to add an increase in fall-risk. Despite their knowledge†¦show more content†¦The confidentiality of the questionnaire responses was maintained by coding. (Struksness et al., 2011). This particular study was conducted in multiple nursing homes. The qualitative research method was used to conduct this study, due to the fact that questionnaires and responses from the responders were collected. For this study, nurses working with older people who had dementia, and who were permanent employees were selected to participate in this research. The permission to conduct this research was obtained from the section leaders of all the nursing homes in the local community. The samples used in this study were experienced nurses who worked in four nursing homes with older people with dementia (Struksness et al., 2011). The procedures were conducted using the format of questionnaires. The questions on the questionnaire were based on these four main areas: cause of falls, nursing staffs intervention in fall prevention, routines of documentation and report, and experiences and reactions of nursing staff related to fall incidents. The 64 questions were distributed into four different categories of people. The four different categories are registered nurse, enrolled nurses, unskilled nurses’ aid and other professions (Struksness et al., 2011, p.3 ). Out of the 64 questions, 7 were background questions. The other 57 questions were distributed among the four main areas of fall. 28Show MoreRelatedMild Cognitive Impairment And Women Essay1095 Words   |  5 PagesImpairment and Women in Old Age Home in Urban Mumbai: Prevalence and Patterns PART I - RESEARCH PROPOSAL a. The problem identification Older women are of special interest for me because of the fact that their numbers have outgrown rapidly in the global arena. The older population is predominantly female because women tend to live longer than men, older women outnumber older men almost everywhere. In 2013, globally, there were 85 men per 100 women in the age group 60 years or over and 61 men per 100 womenRead MoreDementia And Delirium Effect On A Person Is On The Rise1393 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to case studies, the rate at which both dementia and delirium can affect a person is on the rise because of the increasing population worldwide (McCrow, Sullivan, Beattie, 2014). Older adults are one of the fastest growing populations in the world. The first baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) turned 65 in the year 2011 (McCrow, 2014). With the increasing population of elders, there is also an increase in incidence of delirium. Up to 36 percent of aged people admitted to healthcareRead MoreThe Decline Of A Fal l1599 Words   |  7 PagesA fall is defined as inadvertently coming to rest on the ground, floor or some lower level, excluding intentional change in position to rest. Another definition states that a fall is an event reported either by the faller or a witness, resulting in a person inadvertently coming to rest on the ground or another lower level, with or without loss of consciousness or injury. The worldwide population of the older adult as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) may grow to 1.5 billion by theRead MoreElderly Abuse Issues1420 Words   |  6 Pagescontemporary challenges facing the cohort, including elderly abuse, dementia, and polypharmacy, while preventative strategies and recommendations addressing these issues will be offered. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines abuse towards seniors as, a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person (World Health Organization, 2017). The mistreatment of elders canRead MoreStudy: Fall and Injury Prevention1023 Words   |  4 PagesStuksnes et al. (2011) performed a study aimed at determining nurses views on the causes of falls, the types of interventions to reduce falls, documentation practices, and reactions to falls in older patients with dementia. For the quantitative analyses comparisons were to be made between two independent variables: registered nurses (RNs) and enrolled nurses (ENs) as well as by level of experience ( 5 years experience versus 5 years experience, on the above dependent variables. Given that theRead MoreMy Sage Process, And The Lgbt Community, Mental Health Issues, Treatment Options1282 Words   |  6 Page sknowledge that is needed when working with elders as a social worker. The field of gerontology and working with elders is booming in the social work profession. More people are living longer now and the Baby Boomer generation are starting to get older (McInnis-Dittrich, 2014). Throughout the class we learned a lot about different topics such as gerontology in hospital settings, the LGBT community, mental health issues, treatment options, and more. One of the interventions that I have learned isRead MoreAmerica s Elder Population Is Living Longer936 Words   |  4 Pagespopulation is living longer. Current data trends show that 46.2 million people living in America are age 65 and older (Millennials Outnumber Baby Boomers ,2015). Research shows the life expectancy of the average American woman is 81.2 years of age. Although advancements in medicine continue to evolve there remains one condition which impedes the quality of life for this growing population. Dementia, an Alzheimer s related condition which hinders the quality of life for 3.2 million woman in the UnitedRead MoreThe Significance of the Study of Stepping On, a Fall Prevention Program710 Words   |  3 Pagesthe study: Stepping On (fall prevention program) According to Clemson (et al 2004), falls amongst the elderly represent a serious psychological as well as physical threat. Because of older patients physical frailty (as a result of complaints due to osteoporosis or arthritis), a fall can result in a substantial compromise to patient mobility and also result in a blow to patient self-confidence. Falls among the elderly represent a major economic and social problem Falls themselves and the beliefRead MoreEvaluation Of Pharmacist Impact On Antipsychotic And Benzodiazepine Utilization During Veterans With Dementia1700 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Title: Evaluation of pharmacist impact on antipsychotic and benzodiazepine utilization in veterans with dementia Purpose: It has been well established that use of Antipsychotics (APs) and Benzodiazepines (BZDs) in the elderly population is associated with increased incidence of adverse effects including sedation, falls, and cognitive impairment. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) introduced the Psychotropic Drug Safety Initiative (PDSI) to improve evidence-based psychotropic drugRead MoreDeveloping a Regional Mental Health Hospital Which Offers A Therapeutic Environment 1317 Words   |  6 Pages From perspectives of the discipline of positive psychology or holism mental health may include an individuals ability to enjoy life and procure a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience. To determine if a person is in good state of mental health well being, he or she should possess the following characteristics; the ability to enjoy life, resilience, balance self-actualization, flexibility. Several factors affect the mental health of an individual which

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Essay Exam PH103 - 2122 Words

1. Which of the following standards of thinking relates to how one might verify the truth of a statement or claim? (Points :1) Clarity Relevance Depth Accuracy Breadth Question 2. 2. Although Marquis had been working on research for a year, he listened to the other people at his company as they presented different conclusions after his presentation and examined their ideas in the hope of finding out new information. Marquis displayed which intellectual virtue? (Points : 1) Faith Courage Empathy Fair-mindedness Perseverance Question 3. 3. A stubborn view that is inflexible and not inquisitive is:†¦show more content†¦13. If we go to the movies, we will need to drive the minivan. (Points : 1) Proposition Non-proposition Question 14. 14. You are taking a quiz. (Points : 1) Proposition Non-proposition Question 15. 15. Go and give your brother a kiss. (Points : 1) Proposition Non-proposition Question 16. 16. Either I am a human or I am a dog. (Points : 1) Proposition Non-proposition Question 17. 17. The unexamined life is not worth living. (Points : 1) Proposition Non-proposition Question 18. 18. Michael Jordan was a great football player. (Points : 1) Proposition Non-proposition Question 19. 19. How many feet are in a mile? (Points : 1) Proposition Non-proposition Question 20. 20. Because the mind conditions reality, it is impossible to know the thing as such. (Points : 1) Proposition Non-proposition Question 21. 21. Joe must make a lot of money teaching philosophy, since most philosophy professors are rich. True or False: There is no conclusion in these two propositions. (Points : 1) True False Question 22. 22. Which of the following quotations represents an argument? (Points : 1) James is very interesting since he rides a Harley. James has been interesting ever since he started riding a Harley. It makes a lot of sense to ride a

Effect of Health Information Technology †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Effect of Health Information Technology. Answer: Introduction: The case study presented in here highlights the issues pertaining to lack of systematic flow of healthcare information among the care system. The issues presented in the case study are multivariate. Firstly, the primary care physician carried out the pregnancy test with the similar test to that used by Jade at home, which is a urine test. Pregnancy diagnostic tests should have been carried out at the unit with advanced procedures that confirm pregnancy. Further, Jade was required to answer the assessment form for risk factors without the consultation of her mother. As a result she could not provide with the information regarding her familys reproductive history. It is crucial for providing the familys reproductive history for accurate risk assessment procedure in pregnancy. In addition, Jade was sent for undergoing blood tests in a nearby hospital as the polyclinic did not have provision for blood tests. This is of much inconvenience to the patient. The main concern lies in the fact that Jade had to repeat the registration process at te main hospital since there was no provision for direct flow of patient information between the two healthcare units. Due to lack of planning, Jade was unable to undergo the required procedure for cystic fibrosis test. Information and communication technology (ICT) is the convergence of networks for better transfer and storage of information. ICT can be applied effectively in the healthcare system for improving patient care through appropriate healthcare delivery. Through efficient applications, ICTs improve system efficiency (Manojlovich et al., 2015). In the present case, ICT is to be applied in the form of Electronic Health Record (EHR) that has gained immense popularity in the recent past due to its advantages. An electronic health record is the systematized collection of patient and population electronically stored health information in a digital format. The records containing the patients health information can be shared across the different healthcare settings. The use of enterprise-wide, network-connected information system can facilitate sharing of information. HER systems are used for designing storage of data in an accurate manner and capturing the patients state across time (Adler-Milst ein et al., 2015.). Further, use of telephones would have been appropriate in the present case for communicating between two healthcare professionals. Telephone communication between care providers is an important tool for improving access to care for patients. A telephonic connection between the receptionist at the polyclinic and the phlebotomist would be appropriate so that they can communicate regarding the planning of patient services. In addition, use of the internet, in the form of e-mail is useful for providing patients with assessment forms that they can fill up as per their convenience at their homes. This would promote better extraction of patient data within short span of time (Abdelhak et al., 2014). The benefits of using ICT in relation to EHR, telephonic system and e-mail would be significant. The most striking advantage would be the ability to develop and maintain systems for capturing, storing and organizing medical and peripheral data of the patient (Wager et al., 2017). The redesign outlined would promote time savings and reduction of efforts of the patients. Further, the financial benefits of the system would be huge as the costs for unnecessary delay processes would be reduced. With the help of HER, patient data can be directly transferred between care settings which are of convenience for the patient. The procedure would reduce the chances of incorrect information transfer. When telephonic communication takes place between two professionals such as the receptionist at polyclinic and phlebotomist, services can be arranged so that the patient does not need to suffer inconvenience (Silver, 2015). Patient accessibility is also an advantage in this regard. Patients can adhere to required care guideline in a proactive manner. Using applications such as e-mail would help in communicating maximal information to the healthcare professional. The patient can stay in contact with the professional and update on the further referral processes (Abdelhak et al., 2014). The potential of using ICT in healthcare is immense; nevertheless, the possible challenges in implementing the same are also relevant. The first challenge would be a point to point integration. Integration systems have to be custom built for the healthcare system that uses it, and thus a tangled web of connection might occur. The technical ability of the care professionals might pose a hindrance. The use of EHR might be expensive under certain conditions. Proper financial support is required in this regard. At the time of implementation, training is to be provided to the care professionals so that they become acquainted with the new system. This would require additional efforts and resources apart from time. Finding the expenses to invest in support, training and the physical infrastructure might act as a common barrier. The concern of information privacy also remains. The issues in this regard include loss of information, cyber hacking, and inappropriate use of patient information w ithout consent (Wager et al., 2017). References Abdelhak, M., Grostick, S., Hanken, M. A. (2014).Health Information-E-Book: Management of a Strategic Resource. Elsevier Health Sciences. Adler-Milstein, J., DesRoches, C. M., Kralovec, P., Foster, G., Worzala, C., Charles, D., ... Jha, A. K. (2015). Electronic health record adoption in US hospitals: progress continues, but challenges persist.Health Affairs,34(12), 2174-2180. Manojlovich, M., Adler-Milstein, J., Harrod, M., Sales, A., Hofer, T. P., Saint, S., Krein, S. L. (2015). The effect of health information technology on health care provider communication: a mixed-method protocol.JMIR research protocols,4(2). Silver, M. P. (2015). Patient perspectives on online health information and communication with doctors: a qualitative study of patients 50 years old and over.Journal of medical Internet research,17(1). Wager, K. A., Lee, F. W., Glaser, J. P. (2017).Health care information systems: a practical approach for health care management. John Wiley Sons.

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Closely Watched Trains Essay Example

Closely Watched Trains Essay Movie Closely Watched Trains is a rather harsh criticism of the then current political situation of Soviet invasion in Czechoslovakia while investigating the isolation of Czech youth. Yet what makes this film so remarkable is its analysis of both human and social conditions without an ounce of pretension or overbearing agenda. Menzel s form is so light-hearted and simple that, despite the bleak subject matter and social critique, Closely Watched Trains not only loves life, it celebrates it amidst social turmoil.I pursued three fundamental issues recurring in the movie. (1) The issue of delayed responses, such as Milos development from boy to man, the locals understanding of war and occupation and the contemporary response (as of publication) of Czechoslovaks to Communist rule. (2) The issue of ongoing servitude, both as a theme in the movie and as an element of Czech history, and how that servitude has suddenly transformed in the past ten years. (3) The issue of ironic bad luck, seen everywhere in the movie (and a fundamental darkly humorous aspect of Hrabals writings), as well as a quirky element of Czech culture.The plot of this heavily symbolic, sometimes surrealist piece is rather difficult to sum up in a brief way. I spent some time on the symbolism in the movie, since its a dominant aspect. The story opens with a huge, dark wing floating over the town. Other symbols worth exploring: eyes watching from behind windows, ticking clocks (and snowflakes, watches, timetables, etc.), uniforms and uniformities, pigeon-keeping, the ventilator shaft, dead horses with their feet in the air, the bricklayer as God installing fire extinguishers, rubber stamps, striped pajamas, marching feet, furniture.The genius of the film is that it is deceptively innocent. Like the employees of the train station it depicts, Closely Watched Trains seems pretty disinterested with the Nazi activity passing through. Trains carrying ammunition and soldiers (the closely watched trains of t he title), as well as other Nazi supplies, roll through the humble train station but trainee Milos Hrma (Vaclav Neckar) is more interested in doing as little work as possible while developing his romantic manhood. (The significance of trains as a method of transporting the doomed to concentration camps is never explicitly mentioned, but the imagery is always there. Czechs talk about the cattle and other livestock crammed into train cars without any thought given to their well-being. Even though the film mostly has a light tone, the darkness is never far from the surface.)Seemingly belying its title, the films setting is a backwater station which trains nearly always skip as a stop. But gradually the real sense of this title becomes clear, referring to the German trains that were given priority passage through occupied Czechoslovakia to carry munitions and troops during World War II. And finally that meaning is in turn subverted: the last train is indeed closely guarded, leading to t he death of the central figure, but not before his own close surveillance is rewarded. Given his own family background, the heroism behind his act grows from what seems an unlikely base (right down to his grandfather who tried to stave off the German advance by hypnotizing a tank, which promptly flattened him). We see only lovable but bumbling Czech provincials in the film, who seem to have worked out a private arrangement of holding the War at a comfortable distance; old-world, charming people who are ultimately rather self-indulgent. But all this proves illusory, and were left with an unexpected act of heroism, which largely occurs off-screen. There is no Hollywood foregrounding of the individual here; instead the after-effects of the explosions resonate across the screen and through our own historical consciousness – this is what it took to disable the closely watched trains and the whole system that relied on them running on time.Closely Watched Trains has one of the most surprising endings Ive ever seen. Its surprising for many reasons. It seems to go against the style of the entire film up to that point. It is also played in such a matter-of-fact way that it actually magnifies what happens. This is a film of great humanity and the fate of Milos is strongly felt.Its also a very sensual film. You can almost feel the textures: The thick material of the uniforms, the leather of the furniture, the metal of the trains, skin, hair. Beautiful cinematography and lighting help create this atmosphere with a few simple details. The actors are natural and low-key, but the drama of their lives is real. The film has a wry, dry comedy but still there is suffering.The historical sweep implied by the film is suggested, but never documented, by its low key approach. Freshness of characterization is matched by turning the miniature mise en scà ¨ne and drama into microcosms of struggles on the world stage. Behind the visuals there is a magical world of wonderful tink ling, of flashing lights and seemingly self-generating signals, all reflecting the operation of the railroad, before their full significance is revealed. A further recurring sound effect is the lovely old clock, a vestige of bygone Hapsburg glory, which at the end almost operates as a metronome to the explosions, having bided its historical time. Just like the underground patriotism of the Czech people, in this strikingly understated film with its bitter-sweet humour, its earthy imagery, and its unassuming heroism.It would be a mistake to discredit the lyrical charm of Closely Watched Trains. The film is indeed enchanting in its loveably absurd situations. Unlike the existential and desperate tendencies of Swedish, Italian and even French cinema, the Czech New Wave portrayed what at first seems equally dire worldviews, but presents such ordinary characters in their humanity such that we can only laugh. Closely Watched Trains is the epitome of Czech New Wave in that, while portraying both social struggle of government upheaval and totalitarian invasion, as well as intense personal struggle to the point of (failed) suicide, it still obviously loves life.Unfortunately, the dark overtones of this comedy are broadened in the last part and Closely Watched Trains slowly turns into drama.Hubickas transformation from hedonistic womaniser into dedicated resistance fighter isnt quite explained. The subplot dealing with German ammunition train still provides good opportunity for a laugh or two. On the other hand, we have an unnecessary symbolism Milos sexual maturity as metaphor for his political self-awareness looks too much like similar cliches in many WW2 films made in former Yugoslavia. Menzel ends film rather abruptly, without proper epilogue and with the unusual, but rather realistic combination of tragedy and comedy. Even with the flaws that deprived CLOSELY WATCED TRAINS of being the true masterpiece, this is still a great film that truly deserved its Academy Awa rd. Those who would like to enter the magic world of Czech cinema should use it as starting point.